About Us

TxtDrop.com was created in 2005 as one of the earliest free text messaging services on the internet. Launched on September 1st 2005, TxtDrop aimed to have the most user friendly web interface and the best carrier auto-detection functionality on the web. Our motto has always been "free text messaging" and we think we've come a long way, having sent over 1.5 million free text messages for our users since our launch day.

Over the past two years we've expanded our platform to the desktop, through our free Mac OS X software widget and our free Windows Vista software gadget. We were also one of the first to embrace social networks and allow users to place our code on their own web sites or their own social networking profiles.TxtDrop.com was also the first to bring free text messaging to the iPhone through an iPhone Web App tailored to the iPhones Safari web browser.

As time goes on, TxtDrop aims to bring its service to more and more web, desktop and mobile platforms.